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Mira Showit Website Template for Yoga Teachers by Jerrett Digital

How To Edit a Yoga Teacher Showit Website Template: Plus Examples

One of the reasons I fell in love with designing Yoga Teacher Showit website templates was the ease of editing for clients. You can quickly make site-wide design changes with a few clicks of your mouse and have a professional custom-look website. I used to make WordPress websites for clients, but Showit makes the technical side of running a website so much simpler, and for most business owners, simpler is what we need, right?

Customizing a Showit website template involves changing the site fonts, colors, photos, and copy. Updating these elements designed to show a business’s personality makes the template unique to that brand.

Below you will find a quick step-by-step guide to update your own Showit template and make it your own. Then to give you an idea of how different a template can look in just a few clicks, I’ve included images of the Mira Showit Website Template for yoga teachers and wellness professionals customized with five aesthetics.

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Update Colors

Updating colors sitewide in Showit is so easy in the “Design Settings” panel. You have up to eight colors to choose from. I recommend leaving the first color as black or another very dark color for the text and the eighth color as white.

To change the other colors, click on the one you want to change, and a color selector tool will open. Type your brand HEX code into the box provided, hit “enter” on your keyboard, then select the “OK” button. Repeat to add all your colors.

Showit will automatically change the colors across the site. For example, everywhere the design is set to color “2,” that will change to what you’ve now set color “2” to be.

I recommend swapping out the colors in a similar tone to the equivalent in your brand color scheme. For example, add your darkest color to the box with the darkest color and lightest to lighter, and so on. This will help minimize the tweaks you need to make later on. Mira template color scheme is set from dark to light tones.

Change Fonts

Once you’ve added all your colors, select “Save” in the lower right corner of the “Design Settings” screen before updating your fonts. Then open the “Design Settings” section again then click “Fonts” in the top left corner. Showit has a huge library of Google fonts already imported, so if you use one of these, all you need to do is Choose your font in the “Font Name” section, then select the style you will be using (regular, italic, bold, etc.). Click the “Add Google Font” button, and you will see the font in the “Active Fonts” panel on the right-hand side of the screen. Add all the font styles you will be using one by one. Hit the “save” button.

Adding Custom Fonts in Showit

Adding a custom font to your yoga teacher Showit website template is also very easy but takes an extra step. First, ensure you have the legal right to use this font on your website. You need the Webfont license from your designer. The filename extension for a Webfont will be “.woff” or .“woff2”.

In your “Media Library,” load the Webfont file like you would upload a photo. Then go back to the “Design Settings” panel and under “Custom Fonts,” choose your uploaded font from the drop-down box, then select the checkbox to confirm you have the legal rights to use that font. You will then see this in your active fonts section.

Setting Sitewide Fonts

Open the “Design Settings” panel, and under the “Type settings” section, click the three little dots next to each font to open the options. Here you will find all the default sitewide settings for your headings and paragraph fonts. Update these for both mobile and desktop click the “Save” button, and your website will be updated!

Change Photos

Show your personality by adding your beautiful yoga photos to the website template. First, create a folder in the “Media Library” and upload all your optimized images.

To swap the stock photos out with your own, double-click on the image you want to change and add your chosen image from your uploaded images.

Add Copy

Simply copy and paste your copy from a pre-written document or write your copy directly into the spaces provided.

In Mira Showit Website Template, I’ve included suggestions as to what type of copy you should include, but it’s up to you and what you think will work best for your audience. Remember, when writing copy, always focus on the benefits your audience will get from working with you rather than writing about yourself.

Make Minor Alterations

Quickly scan through your pages and make any alterations you think it needs. For example, you may need to change the default font sizes based on your typography design or alter the size of the shape elements around the fonts to fit better. Showit makes this easy with its drag-and-drop style editor. Simply grab the corner of the element you want to change and drag it to the position you think looks best.

You may also choose to make slight color changes on elements to make them more readable if one of your colors doesn’t offer enough contrast against your text. Or change the color of your text!

Add Your Booking Form

Another key step is to include your booking form in the embed sections. Simply copy the HTML code provided by your client scheduling software and paste it into the section provided. You’ll also want to do this with your email marketing provider to start collecting email opt-ins.

Tip: Collecting email addresses for your newsletter is more effective when you offer it in exchange for an enticing free offer like a PDF guide, yoga class, or meditation download (get creative and make it something fitting for your audience).

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Add Social Media Links

Lastly, before launching your yoga teacher Showit website to the public, change all your social media links in the footer and on the contact page if applicable. Finally, click through and check all the links on your website are working, including your booking form and email sign-up boxes.

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One Template, Five Aesthetics

One morning I was playing with Mira yoga teacher Showit website template and quickly generated these five very different aesthetics simply by changing the colors and photos. What do you think? Which one is your favorite?

Does This Yoga Teacher Showit Website Template Work for Other Businesses?

I designed Mira Showit website template specifically with yoga teachers in mind as my inspiration, but it also works great for any service business that takes bookings online. The first client for this template was The Cat Counsellor, and I think it looks great!

Kind Words: The Cat Counsellor Website Launch

Aug 29, 2022


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