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11 Reasons Why Yoga Teachers Need A Website

One of the first questions many new Yoga Teachers ask is, “Do you need a yoga website?” If you’re asking this, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

As a general rule, all yoga teachers need a website to build an online business or gain employment at a studio. Having a website makes it possible for people to find yoga teachers using search engines and acts as a portfolio to build industry credibility.

Whether you plan on teaching yoga online or offline in a studio, having a website will help you build a successful business. Here are 11 reasons why having a yoga teacher’s website is necessary.

Become Searchable Online

Becoming searchable online with a yoga teacher website makes it easy for prospective employers and students to find you. First and foremost, if you don’t have a website, it will be challenging to rank in search engines when people look for you.

You may get mixed up with someone else if multiple people have your name. Or you may get outranked by someone with a similar name but who has more online authority, and the prospective studio employer or student can’t find you.

Additionally, perhaps your social media accounts do come up when someone searches you, but the problem is that many make people log in to view the account; this will potentially put people off if they don’t have an account on that platform or they simply can’t be bothered at that moment then they forget.

Reach a Wider Audience

Having a Yoga teacher website helps you reach a wider audience for two main reasons. One we discussed above; with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) boosted, you’re now searchable by anyone across the globe. This is helpful if you’re building an online yoga business, but if you only teach locally, it’s also crucial for people in your area to find you.

Secondly, if a client recommends you to someone, it’s easier for them to find you. If you make it hard to find yourself online, new clients will find it harder to reach out and learn about your services.

Having a website can help people find your classes when they search locally and if you teach online you can be found worldwide.

Gain Credibility With Industry Professionals

If you’re looking to be employed by a Yoga studio or collaborate with other Yoga teachers in your area or niche, having a website helps you build credibility with other industry professionals. Your website acts like a portfolio, showcasing your knowledge and skills.

Creates a Brand and Business Foundation

Creating a Yoga teacher website forms your business foundation. This is the place where you share all your offerings and services and set the mood of your brand to attract new clients. You get to showcase your teaching personality creatively through your choices of colors and fonts, copywriting, branded images, and website design.

Setting business and brand aesthetics and values early on helps set the stage for all your other platforms to create a cohesive and memorable experience online when people are searching for you. This also makes creating all your marketing materials easier as you have a set of criteria to follow so that people recognize you easily.

Build Trust With Clients

In this day and age, real businesses have websites, right? Think about it, if you were to sign up for a bank account, but the bank didn’t have a website. Would you question it?

Ok, so you’re not a bank, but it is very important as a teacher to build trust with your clients. Having a presentable website helps do this by presenting you as an authority figure and showing that you take your business seriously. Your website legitimizes your services which in the long run helps you offer services at a higher price point, such as courses, retreats, or private lessons.

Use a Yoga teacher website to establish authority and expertise.

Stand Out Online

There are a lot of other highly skilled Yoga teachers online, which means a lot of competition. But not all of them have a website. I reviewed 221 Yoga Teachers’ public profiles on Instagram with over 10k followers, and only 55.67% had a personal website.

Table of The Types of Links on Influencer Yoga Teachers’ Instagram Profiles

Number of Followers No Links in Bio (%) Links Page With No Personal Website (%) Had a Personal Website (%) Direct Affiliate Link Only (%) Link to a Studio Website (%) Link to a YouTube Page (%) Link to a Podcast (%)
10K-99K 21.99 20.57 46.81 3.55 3.55 2.84 0.71
100K-1 Million 11.25 11.25 71.75 5 1.25 0.0 0.0
All accounts 18.1 17.19 55.67 4.07 2.71 1.81 0.45

But let’s break this down a bit further. When we look solely at the yoga teachers with between 100,000 to 1 million followers, we find that 71.25% have a website. However, only 46.8% of those with 10,000 to 99,999 followers have a website. So if we model what the highly successful Yoga teachers are doing early on, this may help you stand out from the crowd and boost your business early on.

The Percentage of Personalized Yoga Teacher Websites Among Instagram Influencers
*Jerrett Digital Review in August 2022 of Yoga Teacher Instagram Accounts 10-99K followers (n=141), 100K-1million followers (n=80), Total (n=221). Percentages are rounded up to the nearest two decimal points.

P.S. One account had 1.1 million subscribers and an affiliate link, so it’s not just the smaller accounts without a website. The other two accounts with over 1 million followers did have personal websites.

Facebook Poll: Did Your Website Help You Grow?

While researching this article, I also put up polls across several Yoga Teacher Facebook groups asking them if they had a website and, if they did, did it help them grow their business. The results were interesting and mixed between groups. Of the 129 people who responded, 41.1% said yes, their website helped them grow their yoga business, 37.2% said no, and 21.7% said they didn’t have a website.

I asked for further information about why they thought having a website helped or didn’t help them grow their business, and unfortunately, no one in the “No” category replied. However, a few people in the yes category felt that many other teachers didn’t understand how to use their website to grow their business and didn’t try to promote their site or improve their SEO.

Using Your Website to Your Advantage

Indeed, setting up a website won’t magically grow your business; it takes work. But as you can see from reading this article that a yoga teacher website is a highly valuable tool to grow your business if you choose to utilize it the right way. So considering that you’re here reading this article, you’re already one step ahead of most other teachers who either don’t have a website or don’t understand the many ways to take advantage of it.

One yoga teacher replied that she hasn’t had any cold traffic generate leads yet, but she did have a new student tell her that they signed up for a class through her website after seeing a Facebook event she shared. She believed that having a website has helped her establish authority and expertise—exactly what we’re talking about in this article!

Consolidate Your Online Presence

Similar to using your website as a foundation, you can use your website as an online hub to consolidate your online presence in one place. For example, when you have a big update or announcement, you can link to your website for more details rather than share them all in different places on the web, such as event pages, Facebook groups, or events, in your social media bio, advertise directly to that page, etc. You can also link to all your different social media platforms in your website’s footer, which will help people easily follow you across multiple platforms.

“We consistently update our blog section, which is titled “What’s On” with all upcoming courses and events. This enables us to share more links on Eventfinda, Google for Businesses, Facebook, and in our newsletter.
When another website publishes our blog link, this ups our SEO which allows our yoga studio to be at the top of a Google search 🙂 Many people have found us this way!”
– Raquel from Kanuka Yoga

Build an Email List

Building an email list is a huge reason to have a yoga teacher website. While social media is a great marketing tool, you don’t own your profile or followers. This means that if the algorithms change or there is a glitch (both of these happen a lot), you may lose contact with your followers temporarily or permanently. If you’re new to running an online business and are wondering why they would do that? Don’t be naive; it happens a lot.

Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Tiktok rely more and more on making a profit from people running ads, which makes it harder for you to grow organically. In addition to this, only a tiny percentage of your followers will see your posts. Check your insights to find out. For my account on Tiktok, on average, 3% of my followers see my posts, and the rest is people on the For You page.

Why is an email list better than social media?

On average, emails have a higher open rate and conversion rate than people seeing your social media posts. According to the email marketing platform Campaign Monitor, which analyzed over 100 billion emails in 2021 across 21 industries, the average open rate of emails for health-and-wellness businesses was 19.2%, with a 1.2% click-through rate.

This means that if you have 1000 people on your email list, on average, 192 of them will be opening your emails, and 12 will click on links you add. However, if you regularly email your list with helpful information and teachings to build a community and personal connections, these numbers will skyrocket.

Send student notifications

Having an email list is also very useful when you need to notify your students of:

  • Upcoming class reminders
  • Schedule changes
  • New offers

Most email service providers allow you to add tags that automatically change a person’s first name so you can quickly bulk send emails but still give them a personalized feel. You can also create automated sequences. For example, adding new email sign-ups to an automated Welcome Series helps introduce them to you and your services.

My favorite platform to do this on is Convertkit’s paid plan. If you’re just starting with email marketing, their free plan makes it easy to create captivating opt-in forms and automatically divert them to an exclusive thank you page where you can deliver your sign-up incentive.

Read More: 10 Things Your Yoga Website Should Include: And Why

Take Bookings

Embedding a booking form into your website means students can sign up and pay for classes at their convenience online. Booking systems can be set to automatically send confirmation emails, receipts, and even reminder emails, minimizing the admin work you need to do to run your business.

Making it easy for clients to book online also helps encourage new clients to make the next step as they have all the information at their fingertips to decide whether your class is right for them. Making people contact you to learn about classes adds an extra “barrier to entry,” which may be intimidating for shy people. Plus, it gives you extra administration tasks: replying to inquiry emails or phone calls.

Jade Yoga Teacher Website Template by Jerrett Digital
Jade Showit Template for Yoga Teachers by Jerrett Digital

Build Deeper Connections With Students

One of the rewards of teaching yoga is building connections with students and sharing the yoga philosophy teachings that we love with others. Typically yoga teachers do this in their classes, but time is limited. Sharing your favorite teachings on your website gives you a platform to send students to get to know you better and help deepen their practice.

You can add many elements to your website to build these deeper connections. If you are covering a specific topic in class, you can write a blog post expanding on what you covered to send students to learn more. Or, if a student is working on a particular posture, you can send them to a resource that shares more about that posture.

This last example is excellent if you have an advanced student who is ready to learn deeper variations, but it’s not relevant for the entire class. Or vice versa, if one student needs extra assistance, you send them to a resource so they can get your assistance and practice further outside of class time.

There are many different types of resources you can add to enhance the in-class experience, including:

  • Blog posts
  • Embedded videos
  • Audio transcripts
  • PDF downloads

You can create resources that are hidden behind password-protected pages, making them exclusive for clients. Alternatively, you may want to make these resources public to help build your website SEO to help people find you and build trust with potential future clients.

Earn a Passive Income

Earning a passive income with your website takes time, which is why this is the last on the list. Before you can earn some passive income, you need to promote your website to generate a steady stream of traffic to your site. Because building passive income online takes time to build up, this is a great reason to start your yoga teacher’s website early in your career.

There are numerous ways you can earn passive income from your website. Below is a list of a few to get you started:

  • Sell yoga courses
  • Monetize your blog with ads
  • Sell digital guides and PDF downloads
  • Sell mediation tracks
  • Include affiliate links to products and services you recommend

At the end of the day, as you have seen, running a yoga teacher business is possible without a website, but if you’re serious about building your business online, you need a yoga teacher website. Not only this, but you need to actively use your website to help build trust and authority with clients and within the industry. In a nutshell, making a yoga teacher’s website early on in your business can open up different opportunities and help you stand out, so you establish yourself faster than those without one.

Aug 1, 2022

Mindful Business

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